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AISM Contact us

US Corporate Headquarters & Student Information Center

1755 East Park Place Boulevard
Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087 USA.
Phone: 404-756-6737, 866-465-9966

Clinical Student Service center

444 Highland Ave. NE Suite 203
Atlanta, Georgia 30312 USA

Guyana Campus

89 Middleton & Sandy Babb Streets Georgetown, Guyana South America
Phone: 592-225-2242 or 592-225-2232

Canadian Information Office

22545 South Brook Post,
Edmonton, Alberta, T6W0C3, Canada
Phone: 780 669 7377, 315 370 8950
  • NAME
  • STUDENT SERVICES CENTER444 Highland Ave. NE Suite 203 Atlanta, Georgia 30312 USAstudentaffairs@aism.edu
  • TRANSFER STUDENT ADMISSIONS1755 East Park Place Blvd. Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087 USAtransfer@aism.edu
  • REGISTRARP.O. Box 545 Stone Mountain, Georgia, 30086 USAregistrar@aism.edu
    Phone: 404-756-6737
    Fax: 413-674-7301
Contact Our Student Liaison
Student Liaisons serve as representatives of the University to prospective students. They are available to answer questions about student life, housing and classes. Feel free to contact our Student Liaison for any questions you may have.
Contact our Student Liaison
444 Highland Ave. NE Suite 203 Atlanta, Georgia 30312 USA
Phone: 1-770-413-3868
Admission Office: admissions@aism.edu
General Information: info@aism.edu
Student Affairs: studentaffairs@aism.edu

Faculty & Staff

Board of Trustees
Dr. Colin Wilkinson, M.D., Ph.D. Chairman
Dr. C. M. Wilkinson Vice Chair
Dr. Otis Powell Member
Ms. Gloria Andrews Member
Dr. Nancy Akunna Member
Executive Management
Colin Wilkinson, M.D., PhD. President/CEO/Dean of Administration
Dr. C. M. Wilkinson Executive Vice President/Registrar
Dr. Otis Powell Dean of Clinical Sciences
Mr. Robert Scott Chief Financial Officer/Operations
Campus and Admissions Director
Advisory Board
Dr. Thomas Walters Chairman
Dr. Keron Blair, MD Assistant Dean
Dr. Portia Dodson Secretary
Ms. Waheeda Rahaman Advisor
Dr. Emanual Cummings Advisor
Dr. Otis Powell, Jr. Member
Dr. Clarence Charles Member
Ms. Vera Naughton Member
Prof. V .N . Verma Member
Ms. Shabakie Fernandes Member
Ms. Hetty London Member
Keith John, Esq Member
Dr. Jose Humphreys Member
Dr. Wendy Rudder Member
Dr. Umang Sankar Member
Academic Committee (September 2013 – August 2017)
Keron Blair, MD Chair
Dr. Otis Powell Member
Dr. Surendra Persaud Member
Dr. Alvarez Ordonez Member
Prof. Lorna Mcpherson Member
Graduation Committee (September 2014 – August 2015)
Dr. Otis Powell Chair
Dr. Thomas Walters (Ceremonies) Member
Dr. Curtis Briscoe (Student Finance) Member
Mr. Earl Gittens (Publications) Member
Faculty Senate (September 2013 – August 2017)
Dr. Sharon Granger Ba Secretary
Dr. Wilbert Walcott Member
Dr. Lazaro Ordonez Member
Dr. Reyaud Rahaman Member
Dr. Portia Dodson Member
Administrations & Admission
Colin Wilkinson, M.D., PhD. President
Dr. C. M. Wilkinson Executive Vice President
Otis Powell, Jr., M.D. Director of Clinical Sciences
 Clinical Coordinator
Dr. Bala Rao Director of Admissions International
Mrs. Anuradha Niranjan-Sukhraj Administrative Assistant
Maureen Manning Director, Office of Institutional Advancement (AISM Foundation)
Ivor Foster Director of Finance
Robert Scott Student Finance Officer
Farah Kassim, M.D. Clinical Coordinator UK
Clarence Charles, MBBS Special Advisory Committee Member
Dr. Trotman Special Advisory Committee Member
MMC + Melroy Jeffrey Security/Protection Services
Mr. Melroy Jeffrey Coordinator of Campus Maintenance
Itoro Akpan-Iquot Computer Information Systems Manager
Natasha Singh Lewis Quality Assurance Officer
Ms. Hetty London Librarian
Ms. Lynette Alleyne Assistant Librarian
Our Staff
Kivita Chandradatt  Office Assistant
Lynette DeSantos Library Secretary
Melroy Jeffery Personal Assistant to President (Guyana)
Our Faculty
Premedical Sciences
Dr. Portia Dodson, MD Department of Biology
Mr. Elton McRae Department of Physics & Mathematics
Ms. Shabakie Fernandes, MSc. Department of Psychology
.Charlotte Fung-A-Fatt, M.D. Department of Public Health
Basic Sciences
Sharon Granger Ba, DVM Biochemistry, Pathology
Nilwattie Hardeen–Persaud, M.S., Ph.D. (cand) Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry
Perreira, M.D. Anatomy
Wilbert Walcott, M.D. Pathology, Histology & Cell Biology, Public Health
Yolanda Hendricks, M.D. Medical Terminology, Medical & Legal Ethics
Ruth Huntley, M.D. Physiology & Pathophysiology
Curtis Lafleur, M.D. Microbiology & Immunology, Public Health
Gurdev D. Singh, DDS., PH.D. Anatomy and Histology
Herman Reid, M.D., DVM Pathology, Histology
Inez Roland, MSA, M.D. Anatomy, Neuroscience
Lazaro Ordonez, M.D. Physical Diagnosis
Lemuel A. Evans, Ph.D. Nutrition and Molecular Biology
Michael Grossman, M.D. Anatomy
Michelle Strong-fields, M.D. Histology & Cell Biology, Embryology, Board Review
Nand Ram, M.D. Pharmacology and Physical Diagnosis
Navindra Persaud, MBBS, Ph.D Behavioral Sciences, Epidemiology, Biostatistics
Portia Dodson, M.D. Introduction to Medicine, Medical Ethics, Immunology
Rayhaud Rahaman, M.D. Behavioral Sciences and Infectious diseases
Jose Humphreys, M.D. Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Achile Antoine, M.D. Introduction to Clinical Medicine
Elton McRae Physics, Mathematics
Shabakie Fernandes, MSc. Psychology
Charlotte Fung-A-Fatt, M.D. Public Health
Shabakie Fernandes, MSc. Psychology
Richter, M.D. Internal Medicine
R. Persaud, MBBS Surgery
Price, M.D. Obstetrics, Gynecology
Booker Poe, M.D. Pediatrics
Malik, M.D. Psychology
Otis Powell, Jr., M.D. Emergency Medicine
W. Wilkins, M.D. Family Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Umang Sankar, M.D. Anaesthia
Sherlock, Ph.D. Nutrition/Physiology
Abhilash, M.D. Neuroanatomy
Dayanand, M.D. Surgery
Clinical Sciences
Core Clinical Clerkship
Internal Medicine
Richter, M.D. (H. O. D.) Internal Medicine
Clarence Charles, MBSS Internal Medicine
G.N. Kini, M.D. Internal Medicine
H.B. Giddings, M.D. Internal Medicine, Endocrinology
K. Yaboh, M.D. Internal Medicine
Luther Burse, M.D. Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
Olunfunso Ojo Internal Medicine
Patricia Glen Internal Medicine
W. Ramarez, M.D. Internal Medicine
Dr. R. Persaud, MBSS (H. O. D.) Surgery
B. Justice, M.D. Surgery and Surgical Oncology
C. Hixon, M.D., FACS General Surgery
Dennis Turner, M.D. General Surgery
Harry Leiberman, M.D., FACS General and Colorectal Surgery
Jeffery Cohen, M.D. General Surgery
General and Vascular Surgery
Surendra Persaud General Surgery
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Price, M.D. (H. O. D.) Obstetrics & Gynecology
George Tucker, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mackenzie, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology
R. Howell Obstetrics & Gynecology
Thermutus Mckenzie, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Booker Poe, M.D. (H. O. D.) Pediatrics
Malika Mootoo, M.D. Pediatrics
R. Flowers, M.D. Pediatrics
Rohan Jabour, M.D. Pediatrics
Malik, M.D. (H. O. D.) Psychology
Denis O’Brien Psychiatry
Klopper, M.D. Psychiatry
Myda Gerales, M.D. Psychiatry
O’Brian, M.D. Psychiatry
Family Medicine
L. Ordonez, M.D. (H. O. D.) Family Medicine
G.N. Kini, M.D. Family Medicine
K. Amin, M.D. Family Medicine
O. Powell, Jr., M.D. Family Practice
Williams Wilkins, M.D. Family Medicine
Clinical Sciences
Emergency Medicine
Otis Powell, Jr., M.D. (H. O. D.) Emergency Medicine
O. Powell, Jr. M.D. Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine – Infectious Disease
W. Wilkins, M.D. (H. O. D.) Infectious Disease
W. Ramarez, M.D. Infectious Disease
Dr. A. Beckles, M.D. Cardiology
Calvin McLaren Cardiology
Alan Maloon, M.D. Neurology
C. Medley, M.D. Orthopedics
Donald Culley, M.D. Urology
Gregory Zaker, M.D. Urgent Care, Community Medicine
H.B. Giddings, M.D. Endocrinology
Harry Leiberman, M.D., FACS Colorectal Surgery
Luther Burse, M.D. Gastroenterology
M. Delerme, M.D., M.P.H. Opthalmology
Michael Grossman, M.D. Anatomy, Pathology, Physiology
Vascular Surgery
Nehaul Singh, M.D. Forensic Pathology
O. Powell, Jr., M.D. Emergency Medicine
Roger Viapree, M.D. Ear, Nose and Throat
W. Richardson, M.D. Medicine
AISM Clinical Clerkship Preceptors
Toyin Adenaike, M.D. Family Medicine
Todd Antin, M.D. Psychiatry
Latara Demps, M.D. Surgery
Damien Doute, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery
Erik Gbodossou, M.D. Psychiatry
Christopher Haraszti, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery
Liza Hasso, M.D. Internal Medicine
Clarence Hixon, M.D. Surgery
Jeffrey Klopper, M.D. Psychiatry
Harry Liberman General Surgery and Colon & Rectal Surgery
Melinda Miller-Thrasher, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Olufunso Ojo, M.D. Internal Medicine
Booker Poe, M.D. Pediatrics
Otis Powell, Jr., M.D. Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Community Medicine
Rajasree Praturi, M.D. Psychiatry
Lisa Price, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Paul Richin, M.D. Orthopedic Surgery
Courtney Shelton, M.D. Internal Medicine
Rahul Singh, M.D. Surgery
Madhu Vishwanath, M.D. Pediatrics
Frederick Work, M.D. Surgery
Gregory Zaker, M.D. Pain Management
Jose Humphreys, M.D. Internal Medicine
Visiting Lecturers
J. Humphrey, M.D.
Nandani Mudlier, M.D.
*Visiting Professors are scheduled throughout the program from various sub-specialties. ×