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Welcome Alumni! Getting Involved matters!!

Alumni truly define a university and serve as their alma mater’s strongest legacy. Each alumna and alumnus is important to AISM because you hold a vital part of the AISM story within your experience. American International School of Medicine is committed to providing quality and affordable medical education to students from all over the world. We‚ the Alumni association‚ stand behind AISM to accomplish its mission and support new candidates and graduates. We are dedicated to providing programs that educate‚ engage‚ and reconnect alumni to AISM.

Our alumni association wants to keep you connected to your friends‚ former classmates‚ colleagues‚ and all those who made your experience here memorable. I encourage you to join your fellow alumni in remaining active in the AISM community through the alumni association.


  • Dr. Peraline Grant
    “Attending AISM was the greatest decision I have ever made”
    Dr. Peraline Grant
    Family Medicine Consultant, Nashville General Hospital, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Dr. Sarwat Shaheen
    “Glad to have made the 2012 matches, thank you for the encouragement and support”
    Dr. Sarwat Shaheen
    Resident Physician, Mount Sinai General Hospital, NY
  • Dr. Ranuka Bhagtani
    “You had always been there for me and I appreciated that very much”
    Dr. Ranuka Bhagtani
    Director of Clinical Research, Cardio MD
  • Dr. J. Humphreys
    “Being an alumnus of AISM has given me the cutting edge in preparation for the world of medicine”
    Dr. J. Humphreys
    Antigua and Barbuda
  • Dr. Hans Arden Christian
    “AISM provided me with the adequate resources and capacity to fulfill my medical education”
    Dr. Hans Arden Christian