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The premedical program is designed to bridge the gap between High School and Medical School. Enhance student satisfaction with the study of medicine and foster a lifelong commitment to investigation and holistic thinking. It is designed to provide a stron educational foundation in basic natural science prerequisites necessary for admission to medical school and other health related disciplines  This program has the added advantage in that it can be taken on capmpus or ONLINE from anywhere in the world. FIND OUT MORE


Medicine and Artifical Intelligence (AI) are growing increasingly closer together. Heath practioners will find themselves working with a range of intelligent devices, as the age of passive ‘dumb’ medical technology comes to an end. This first of its kind Diploma promises to prepare a new generation of health workers for the future. The enitre Diploma cutting edge Diploma is offered ONLINE with a 4-month and 12-month options. FIND OUT MORE


The Basic Science program is divided into Five Semesters of 16 weeks each. This program is taught at the AISM Guyana and starts in January, May or September of the academic year. At the end of this two year program, students must pass the AISM Comprehensive Basic Science Examination before proceeding to the following two years of Clinical Sciences. We encourage our students to take the STEP 1 USMLE exams before proceeding into their clinical sciences. A comprehensive 6 weeks Step 1 review program is available in Guyana and Atlanta, Georgia. FIND OUT MORE


The Clinical Sciences Program is comprised of 78 weeks of core and elective clinical rotations at hospitals in the US, England and Guyana. In this program, students participate in the patient care process while rotating through various medical specialties, under the guidance of the clinical faculty and staff physicians. At the end of each core rotation, students will be tested and evaluated by the respective clinical faculty. Students must pass AISM Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination before he or she can be considered as completing the academic requirements leading to a Medical Doctor Degree from AISM. FIND OUT MORE