About AISM

About AISM #

AISM is the oldest and most established medical school in Guyana. Its alumni have gone on to work in some of the most prestigious institutions across the globe. Indeed such is the depth of training you can expect from AISM that some of the alumni have even gone out into the world and created their own medical school in the tradition of AISM.

Size #

AISM has deliberately ensured the medical school stays at a compact size which means that you are able to build closer ties with fellow students and your teachers.  Academic and personal relationships are at the core of the AISM ethos which is why we will continue to ensure small class sizes and guaranteed personal attention.

Structure of the course #

There are several pathways to an MD with AISM and these are detailed across the website. Essentially we have:

  • Four year MD consisting of basic sciences two years and clinical sciences two years.
  • Five years MD consisting of a pre-med,  then the same as for the four year MD.

How we teach at AISM #

No one method of teaching is any better than another, but everyone learns in different ways.  You may find you are more comfortable with one method than another, for these reasons AISM employs a rich mix of styles which includes the following:

  • Problem-based learning This is a very patient-oriented approach where students learn from cases, guided by group work and tutors. The aim is to develop the skills of teamwork, communication, and problem-solving which you will need as a doctor.
  • Case-based learning This uses ‘trigger’ cases to stimulate interest in areas of the curriculum. The cases prompt exploration of the knowledge and skills which might be needed.  It is supported by other learning resources such as lectures, seminars, dissection, clinical skills practice etc
  • Enquiry based learning Questions, problems or scenarios are presented to the student who is in charge of their own learning experience. The emphasis is on learning rather than being taught.

The goal is to support, guide and train you in the most modern and effective teaching methods available. Most important you can expect hands-on training with skilled physicians to prepare you for modern medicine.

Location #

Guyana is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and the only country south of the USA where English is the national language.

Air and sea transport make Guyana easily accessible with only a 4 hour 50 minute flight time to the United States.

AISM is situated in Georgetown the capital of Guyana and one of the safest and most picturesque cities on the continent.

Guyana is an amazing country made up of six distinct ethnic groups: Indian, African, Amerindian, European, Chinese and those of mixed ancestry. Guyana is not only rich in cultural diversity. It’s also rich in biodiversity.

Some 70% of the country’s environment remains pristine, which is rare in the modern world! There are hundreds of species of bird, a richly diverse selection of mammals and a hugely diverse plant life.

Pre-Covid Guyana saw a 16% increase in tourists with 286,732 visiting.

Combined with the low cost of living this is an excellent choice for your medical studies.

Student Experience #

Because AISM has focused on small class sizes, there is a close personal and professional relationship built up between staff and students. At AISM there is an open-door policy that encourages students to reach out to the faculty with any concerns that they may have.

We can promise that your time at AISM will be a tremendous opportunity to meet with students from around the globe whilst enjoying the benefits of an excellent medical school.