Advice And Support

Total support #

Becoming a doctor is a huge personal commitment and investment in both time and money. The staff at AISM understand this because as doctors we have all made that commitment. This means that you will be supported by caring staff who share your passion for medicine. We understand the challenges you face and will be there to support you. No problem is either too big or small, so please reach out with any concerns.

International Focus #

Travelling to a new country can be daunting, but you can be assured AISM is well placed to assist you. From our foundation, we have had an international perspective and regularly welcome students from around the world, with AISM alumni working in hospitals around the globe.

Imagine sharing your training with students from across the globe with a team able to support your individual needs. Where ever you are from, our trained staff will be able to support you from their combined experience of living and working in every continent in the world.

Health Issues #

As experienced doctors the AISM team will be on hand to assist and support you should you encounter any health issues as a student with AISM.

For those with disabilities you will find that the AISM approach is to review each applicant on their merits and providing you are able to satisfy a fitness to practice interview, you can be assured of our full support.


Finances #

AISM will do all possible to support your application for grants or bank loans. On a case by case basis we will consider offering staggered payments to ease any sudden hardship you may experience.