Basic Sciences

Application Dates #

The Basic Science program is divided into Five Semesters of 16 weeks each. This program is taught at the AISM Guyana and starts in January, May or September of the academic year. 

Examinations #

At the end of this two year program, students must pass the AISM Comprehensive Basic Science Examination before proceeding to the following two years of Clinical Sciences. We encourage our students to take the STEP 1 USMLE exams before proceeding into their clinical sciences. A comprehensive 6 weeks Step 1 review program is available in Guyana and Atlanta, Georgia.

Program comparable with two years of Medical School in the USA #

Our Basic Sciences Curriculum is educationally comparable to the first two years of medical school in the USA. 

In the first four semesters  #

students are taught the basic sciences courses in a classroom setting at our main campus in Guyana, South America. Several of the courses require laboratory sessions per week and field studies. Moreover, our introduction to medicine program that begins in first semester entails credit hours in the hospital setting where our students first begin to develop Patient Physician Communication skills. We set a high percentage pass mark in all our courses (75-100%) to ensure that students develop intense study habits.

AISM course support #

We make available textbooks, board review books, question banks, journals, basic medical instruments and internet access for research available to students. Our courses are taught by trained doctors who utilize computer-based imaging, anatomy models, medical instruments, etc. All exams are given in USMLE format, both written and computerized. Students are encouraged to make good use of all resource materials posted on the student page.

Masters in medical sciences #

Students can also apply for a Master’s (MS) in Medical Sciences which includes a research project, thesis development, and defense. All Basic Sciences Courses are being taught in Guyana, South America