Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences program #

The Clinical Sciences Program is comprised of 78 weeks of core and elective clinical rotations at hospitals in the US, England and Guyana. In this program, students participate in the patient care process while rotating through various medical specialties, under the guidance of the clinical faculty and staff physicians.

Examinations #

At the end of each core rotation, students will be tested and evaluated by the respective clinical faculty. Students must pass AISM Clinical Science Comprehensive Examination before he or she can be considered as completing the academic requirements leading to a Medical Doctor Degree from AISM. The following are core Clinical classes (Total of 56wks): to medical school and other health-related disciplines.

Core program #

  1. Internal Medicine (12wks)
  2. Surgery (12wks)
  3. Family Medicine (8wks)
  4. Obstetrics & Gynecology (8wks)
  5. Pediatrics (8wks)
  6. Psychiatry (8wks)

Supplementary opportunities #

The remaining 22 weeks provide the student with an opportunity to explore various medical specialities. Speciality classes are taught in 4wks sessions. These may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Anesthesiology
  2. Neurology
  3. Cardiology
  4. Ophthalmology
  5. Dermatology
  6. Orthopedics
  7. Emergency Medicine
  8. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  9. Endocrinology
  10. Pulmonary Medicine
  11. ENT
  12. Radiology
  13. Family Medicine
  14. Rheumatology
  15. Gastroenterology
  16. Sports Medicine
  17. Hematology/Oncology
  18. Tropical Medicine
  19. Infectious Disease
  20. Urology
  21. Nephrology
  22. Vascular Surgery

Four and Five year MD #

Along with the basic sciences program, this element of the degree comprises the four year MD with the five year MD having the addition of the pre-med course.