Degree Information

Degree information #

Detailed information on the course structure is given in the Medical Degree Section,  we urge you to read it carefully. No matter how comprehensive a website, we believe that actual contact is essential when choosing your medical degree. For this reason, we warmly welcome you to contact our team to see if AISM is the right fit for you.

5-Year degree #

This course is for those who require an extra year and support to bring them to the level required to undertake a degree. Once the first year of the pre-med has been completed then you will find yourself on the same path as those on the four year degree MD.

4-Year degree #

.For those with the necessary science background this is an ideal course to take you through to the degree of MD. More detailed information on the course can be found here.

Diploma in AI and medicine #

This is the only course of its kind offered by a medical school and is open to student, doctors and others interested in the future of medicine in the 2ist century.