Four And Five Year MD

AISM MD course four years #

The four-year program consists of two years of basic science and two years of clinical medicine. The minimum time to complete the course is just 40 months. For details of the two parts of the program please review the basic sciences program and the clinical sciences.

AISM MD course five years #

This course is the same as the four year MD with the addition of the pre-med program which can be viewed in its own section for more details.

Examinations #

Examinations for each of the courses are described in detail in their respective sections.

AISM course support #

We make available textbooks, board review books, question banks, journals, basic medical instruments and internet access for research available to students. Our courses are taught by trained doctors who utilize computer-based imaging, anatomy models, medical instruments, etc. All exams are given in USMLE format, both written and computerized. Students are encouraged to make good use of all resource materials posted on the student page.