Grants And Awards

Grants And Awards #

AISM firmly believe that students should be rewarded for their achievements and fully supported through their training to become a doctor. For this reason, AISM has set aside several hundred thousand dollars worth of scholarships for deserving students.

How Do I Apply For A Scholarship? #

In the first instance, you must apply to the medical school and be accepted into the program. These scholarships are for AISM students only.

Once you have been accepted you can apply for an award of up to $25,000.

What Criteria Is Employed To Awarded A Scholarship? #

We are anxious to support as many students as possible so we have a very generous set of criteria that will allow you to qualify, these include but are not restricted to the following:

  • A strong personal story that shows your commitment to read medicine.
  • Outstanding academic achievements.
  • Personal or sporting achievements.
  • Significant contributions to your community.

You will be requested to submit your own personal statement supporting your application for an award.