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Your introduction to medical school and the transition from College into university. This is an excellent place to start your journey t medical school. This course is your first step onto the five year MD program with AISM

Four Year MD

This degree consists of two parts. The first is two years of basic sciences, including laboratory and class room based work. You then progress onto the the clinical sciences element of the four yer degree which itelf is two years of ntenive clinical training

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Five Year MD

This path combines the pre-med with the four year MD to give you entry to medical school and a future as a doctor. This is an excellent choice for students who have a strong high school education or those who have a degree but not in the science subjects suitable for a medical degree.


AISM is continually changing, evolving current courses t provide new options and also developing new courses and opportunities. for this reason, it is important to visit the AISM site often and te reach out to our team to learn of new course opportunities as they emerge.

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Medicine and AI Diploma

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Details of this exciting course will be published soon. It is an absolute must for those who wish to prepare for a future where medicine and artificial intelligence grow closer together to support both physicians and patients in every aspect of medicine from diagnosis through to treatment and patient management. Stay tuned for more news.

Community Medicine Course

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This is another excting new course from AISM that will be open to students from across the world who are working in healthcare, through to teachers and anyone with an interest in the important field of community medicine. So contact us today to find out more about their incredible opportunity.