Community Medicine Course

Course Overview #

To create the world’s first online course for healthcare. This will be
offered globally for a duration of some 12 weeks. On finishing, students
will have a full certificate of completion.

Course Structure #

The course will be broken down into a series of modules across the 12
weeks, with each module having a physician overseeing and presenting.
A primary textbook will be used as the basis for the course. Currently,
the textbook under consideration is Health Care 4th Edition by D Mitchell
& L Haroun (2017).

The course will be virtual with a rich combination of live, pre-recorded presentations and full online course material.

Who Should Apply? #

This will be global and aimed at a variety of groups. Below is a small
sample to demonstrate range and diversity, but is not limited to these
● Nurses
● Lab technicians
● Physiotherapist
● Parents
● Teachers
● Pee-Med students
● College Students

When Will The Course Be Available? #

 Very shortly and we are taking advanced applications now so be sure to complete the online application form.